About Us

John Kleinschmidt and Andy Sternad both reside in New Orleans.  They were drawn here, in many respects, by water.  They are both intern architects at Waggonner & Ball Architects and are active participants in Dutch Dialogues, an ongoing effort by Dutch and American experts to develop strategies for living with water in New Orleans and the Mississippi delta.

Drip, produced for Des Cours 2010,  is a product of their water management research under the auspices of Dutch Dialogues combined with a shared fascination with the music and sounds of New Orleans.  In addition to their interest in water-related issues, Kleinschmidt wrangles chickens on the weekends and Sternad enjoys wearing colorful socks.

Kleinschmidt (‘08) and Sternad (‘09) are both graduates of the College of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis.